Design Process and Fees

Fees may vary according to the size and complexity of the garden, but as a general guide the complete design service will cost about 10% of the total build cost. All or part of the design stages may be commissioned.

A balance between cost and quality is at the forefront of my approach.


Initial Consultation £40

A home visit to explain the service and explore the potential of the garden. This will take between one and two hours. My portfolio is presented and a detailed questionnaire is completed. A selection of reference books is brought along to aid the process. By the end of my visit a clear design brief of your requirements will be formulated.

This consultation fee is deducted from further costs should you decide to commission the design.

Survey and Analysis

This is an accurate measurement of the site outline and buildings, with an analysis of soil, aspect, light and shade. A survey drawing is produced for you to keep. Digital photographs will also be taken at this stage.

Zonal Plan, Master Plan and 3D Image

A zonal plan is drawn up showing where the agreed features can best be placed.

From this a master plan is developed to produce an accurately drawn scale representation of the overall design.

To make visualising this plan easier a 3D image may also be commissioned.

Planting Plan

This is a scale drawing showing the exact positioning of suitable plants for the design. This drawing also lists correct Latin plant names and numbers required.

Making the Garden

You may wish to make the garden yourself, or use your builders. If not, I will be pleased to arrange for a proven quality garden builder to do the work for you.

Project Monitoring

This service is essential to ensure the garden is made smoothly and in accordance with the agreed design.

Planting Out and Maintenance Schedule

I am happy to source and plant out top quality plants. To ensure success, if you commision this service, a maintenance schedule will also be provided.

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